How can I archive data in Securonix.

asked 17 Apr '14, 14:41

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1) Create new database "securonixwarm" a) create database securonixwarm b) mysqldump -uroot -ppass -d securonix | mysql -u root -ppass -Dsecuronixwarm 2) Edit securonix_home/conf/application-context.xml, make sure you have the following tag a) <archiving enabled="true" archivenumdays="80" enablejobcleanup="true" enableerrorlogcleanup="true"/> b) archiveNumDays notifies the number of days prior to today. In this case, anything 80 days before today will be archived. 3) Edit securonix_home/conf/hibernate/hibernate.cfg.archive.xml a) Make changes to MySQL settings. Provide JDBC URL,username and pass. a) Do not use datasource. 4) If you changed application-context.xml, restart the application 5) Run the archival job a) UI> Configure> Task > run archival Job


answered 17 Apr '14, 14:41

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Praful ♦♦
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I install Securonix RTI 4.6 and DB('securonix') on my local without any error. UI is up.

My local DB username is root and password is password.

I run 'create database securonixwarm' query so it create empty db without any tables on my local instance

Then I tried following mysqldump query as you mention in forum but it is not work on workbench.

mysqldump -uroot -ppassword -d securonix | mysql -u root -ppassword -Dsecuronixwarm


answered 28 Feb '15, 01:55

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you dont run mysqldump from the workbench , rather the command line ...


answered 28 Feb '15, 09:13

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