Securonix's database partition is tight on space. Moving securonixwarm to another partition would address the issue.

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Believe answer is:

  1. Shutdown MySql
  2. Copy with preserve and recursive the securonixwarm database folder to its new location, e.g.
    cp -pr /data/mysql/securonixwarm/ /securonix/archive/securonixwarm/
  3. Move the original securonixwarm folder to a temporary location on same partition in case fallback needed, e.g.
    mv /data/mysql/securonixwarm /data/securonixwarm
  4. Create symbolic link at old location to the new location, e.g.
    ln -s /data/mysql/securonixwarm /securonix/archive/securonixwarm/
  5. Verify link, e.g.
    ls /data/mysql/securonixwarm
  6. Restart MySql
  7. Enter MySql console and verify all is well. e.g.,
    mysql -uroot -p use securonixwarm;
    select * from securonixwarm.activitydatetimewk37 LIMIT 10;
  8. Once comfortable all is well, delete the securonixwarm folder moved earlier. e.g.,
    rm -rf /data/securonixwarm

answered 05 Nov '14, 10:49

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