• I have 1 Master node and 3 Child nodes.
  • One of the child nodes (child 2) goes down again and again due to hardware issues.

How can I restore the data from the failed child node(child 2) to a good child node?

asked 22 Sep '15, 14:31

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Follow the below steps to restore data from failed child node to good child node:

Child2 - Failing node (Which goes down continuously) Child1 - Backup node (Where the data was restored)

Note: Child1 does not have any other data, its just a blank registered node with Securonix application running on it.

  1. Take backup of following from Child2:

    1. securonix_home folder.
    2. tomcat folder.
    3. mysql (take dump of whole DB).
  2. Stop tomcat on :

    1. Master node.
    2. Child2 node(Also stop MySQL).
    3. Child1 node.
  3. On Child1:

    1. Copy the backed up securonix_home folder.
    2. Copy the backed up tomcat folder.
    3. Restore the DB from backed up mysql script.
    4. Change the URLs in:
      1. Profiler.xml to Child1
      2. application-context.xml to Child1
  4. On Master:

    1. Under the /Securonix/securonix_home/conf/hibernate/ folder:
      • Edit hibernate.cfg.Child2 - change the URL to Child1s URL
  5. Login to Master MySQL:

    1. Look for SecuronixDB_Child2 and pick the ID in the "Datasources" table
    2. In the "datasourcesproperties" table edit the "propertyvalue" to Child1 URL where datasourceid = picked ID and propertyname = jdbcurl
  6. Start the tomcat on:

    1. Master node.
    2. Child1 node

    1. Clustering is up
    2. Health Check (Logs shouldn't have any errors)
    3. Manual Sync Resources, Users on Child1 (Logs shouldn't have errors).
    4. Go to Monitor->Activities for a data source assigned to a child node and make sure the data can be viewed

answered 22 Sep '15, 14:34

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